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Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure

You know the saying all too well, your mom or grandmother always said it to you while you were growing up. And as much as we hate to admit that they are right and we are wrong, we have to. The saying rings true in all areas of life. It is better to wear the sunblock than to put potato slices on our sunburn, or to wear a jacket than it is to get sick. It is better to wash dishes as they appear than it is to wash three piles of plates. This policy applies everywhere, even when it comes to preserving our investments and keeping rust out of our lives.

What is Rust?

It is easy to identify rust; it is that reddish brown flaky stuff that appears on metal surfaces that have come into contact with too much water and moisture. It is the weakening of metal as it oxidises. This can be very unsightly and unhealthy for humans to consume. It ruins the clean and safe look and feel of the metal product, be it a tap, a nail or metal sheet. The longer a metal is allowed to rust, the less sturdy it is, and the more the metal is going to corrode into nothing but flakes of rust.

What Rust Does

Rust is preventable and treatable. It is only treatable to various degrees, of course once most of the metal has corroded, it cannot be saved. However, with slight rust it can be treated. Rust can be dangerous to humans, especially if it gets into contact with open wounds; it is toxic to the human body. Rust can cause a structural or system failure if it no longer has the strength to maintain the integrity of the structure.


Rust-Tech specialises in industrial coatings to give off a safe and beautiful finish to all your metal products. They have a strong belief in maintaining metals rather than constantly replacing, and placing more strain on the environment. Their products are designed to do no damage to the environment. They are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the industrial market by providing superior protective paint and coatings solutions. Visit their website to view the different products and services they offer to protect your metal works.

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