Importance of Marine Coating

Marine Coating










Sea water is among the most corrosive of environmental elements. Corrosion, accelerated fouling, and osmotic blistering are serious problems affecting ship hulls and other marine equipment. Mechanical harm, hazardous temperatures, and ice increase the possibility of corrosion. Fouling is more of a strain in tropical and mild waters.

An insanely high percent of marine assets fails due to marine corrosion. Severe fouling increases a ship’s fuel consumption by a high percentage while moderate fouling can cause loss of speed, which may still be a problem.

Ships in open sea water have to overcome extreme amounts of friction but yet again that depends on the shape and smoothness of the ship hull. Travelling through ice is a completely different ballgame, and an expert design is everything.

For a ship to move through ice, the hull design has to break ice, move it aside without damaging the hull, and overcome hull ice friction. The hull along the waterline faces large amounts of friction and extreme impact. The area of the waterline depends on ice thickness, hull form, and ship speed, in order for there to be no damage sustained.

Back in the day, there was no paint coating system or prevention tactics in place for protecting hulls from very low temperatures right up to the 1970s. Ship owners either did not coat ice breakers at all or coated them for temporary corrosion protection, which didn’t do much. Only because the paint wore off within a few days or weeks.

Quality paint coatings guard against rusting and any other elements. Correct installation of electrical equipment eliminates stray currents throughout the ship. Harder materials better withstand cavitation. Materials such as stainless steel are generally resistant to pitting.

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